Make your own Bite Ramp in seconds with our Mini-Mold light cure material

  • Our ramps prevent the bite from deepenin
  • Reduces the force on the TMJ
  • Also relaxes the mandible

The Bite Ramps are easy to make and use.

  • Etch and prime the lingual of the maxillary centrals
  • Fill the Bite Ramp mold with Mini-Mold cure light material.
  • With light pressure, place and hold the filled mold against the tooth with the flat edge of the mold parallel to the incisal edge of the central then cure.
  • To ensure that the ramps are equal on both teeth use a bracket gauge to mark the lingual incisal edge where the flat edge of the mold will be placed.


If your ramp does not extend far enough lingually to engage the lower anterior teeth, refill the ramp mold halfway, place the mold over the original ramp and cure.
Curing time depends on the light and curing material used but should not exceed 15 seconds


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