Ortho Arch Company

The Ortho Arch Company is an orthodontic manufacturer/distributor serving the dental and orthodontic fields. They sell a full line of orthodontic products to meet the needs of your busy practice. They are also the home of many new and innovative products mini molds, lasers, cottonmouth, brackets including the newest true nickel free bracket, rubber bands, buccal tubes, wires, elastics, instruments, bonding adhesives, curing lights and many specialty items.

The Ortho Arch Company have been supplying dental and orthodontic products to specialists all over the United States since 1973. It reflects the culmination of 32 years of effort to bring you an ever expanding line of quality, innovative products, fairly priced and backed by their guarantee that makes you satisfied.

We know that our continued success depends on our ability to meet and
exceed your needs and we welcome the opportunity to show you what
Ortho Arch can do for you.


 Types of Ortho Arch