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WaterPik (WP-100E2)(Ultra Dental Water Jet)(7 Tips)  (WP-100) The WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Jet is a contemporary compact design, covered reservoir with built-in storage for easier use. It includes 1No. Plaque Seeker Tip, 2Nos. Classic Jet Tips, 01 No. Toothbrush Tip, 1No. Orthodontic Tip, 1 No.Pik Pocket Tip, 01 No. Tongue Cleaner. Water pressure of 10 to 90 PSI. Reservoir Capacity 600ml Product Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 6 inches ; 1.36Kgs 220-230v 50Hz 45w Additional tip Rs. 270/- 6,800.00
WaterPik Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush (SR 3000)   (SR-3000) The Sensonic Professional Plus provides superior oral health benefits and advanced features like an ergonomic handle, three unique brush heads, two speed settings for gentle cleaning or maximum plaque removal and a deluxe recharge indicator gauge. It also features a 2 minute brushing timer with 30 second intervals to ensure adequate brushing time throughout the mouth, hygienic brush head covers and a premium travel case.. It includes Standard Brush Head, Compact Brush Head, Interdental Brush Head 6,500.00
WaterPik (WP-250)(Nano Water Flosser)(2Tips)   (WP-250) A Nano for Single User Oral Cleaning System with Frosted (Transparent) reservoir for easy fluid level gauge with 1 Standard Jet Tips, & 1No. Plaque Seeker Tip. Water pressure of 10 to 80 psi Reservoir Capacity 400ml Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 5.2 x 9 inches ; 0.820Kgs 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 18w This item is non-returnable.One year Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only This warranty excludes all the attachments. 6,200.00
WaterPik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (WP-660)   (WP-660) Featuring a new compact and contemporary design, the Aquarius includes a Water On/ Off switch on the handle, finger-tip easy pressure control, and push-button power with convenient LED mode display. The all new 1-minute timer and 30-second pacer ➤ The WaterPik Aquarius briefly pauses at 30 seconds and 60 seconds to help you pace your flossing ➤ A new massage feature invigorates your gums with a hydro-pulse massage action. ➤ Storage for 2 tips is under the lid, between the reservoir and body of the WaterPik. It includes 3 Nos-Classic Jet Tip,1 nos- Orthodontic Tip,1 nos- Plaque Seeker Tip,1 nos - Pik Pocket Tips,1 nos- Toothbrush Tip Water pressure of 10 to 90 PSI with 1200 Pulses per Minute. Reservoir Capacity 600ml Advanced Pressure Control System With 10 Settings, Reservoir Capacity Of 90+ Seconds, On/Off Water Control On Handle,2 Modes - Floss Mode And Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode 1-Minute Timer With 30-Second Pacer Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 6.6 x 9.2 inches; 1.0Kg 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 18w .One year Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only This warranty excludes all the attachments. 10,600.00
WaterPik (WP-450EC)(Ultra Cordless)(4 Tips)   (WP-450) Travel Model recommended for the people who travel It's a convenient, hand held design Cordless Rechargeable Dental System with pressure settings on the unit itself. (No batteries needed) with 4 Tips. (1 Jet Tip, 1 Tongue Cleaner, 1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Plaque Seeker Tip) Water pressure of 45 to 75 psi Reservoir Capacity 210ml Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.2 x 9 inches ; 0.635Kgs INPUT:3VDC:CURRENT:218mA Additional tip Rs. 270/- 6,400.00

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