• Mini Mold™ Peg Lateral Kit
Mini Mold™ Peg Lateral Kit

Mini Mold™ Peg Lateral Kit


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The perfect solution to fix peg/small laterals during the course of treatment.

Availability: Available on special request and preorder, kindly email your requirement to info@dentosindia.com

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The Mini Mold Peg Lateral Molds provide a fast and easy way to convert a peg/undersized lateral to a full sized lateral in minutes. Studies show that 8% of all orthodontic patients have either pegged or undersized laterals and maintaining the correct amount of space during treatment needs constant attention. The space must be maintained either with coil springs or a temporary crown. You can form the crown on a stone model and cement it in or form it directly over the undersized lateral in the mouth. The molds may be cold sterilized and reused.

4- tip kit8- tip kit
(1) 7mm UL
(2) 7mm UL
(1) 7mm UR
(2) 7mm UR
(1) 8mm UL
(2) 8mm UL
(1) 8mm UR
(2) 8mm UR
(1) Bonder Handle
(2) Bonder Handles