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Flow Tain™

Flow Tain™


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Product Features

  • Flow Tain™ is flowable light cured composits. This material is very smooth when cured which will reduce wear and enhance patient comfort.
  • Cured Composite Flexibility - Flow Tain™ when cured, has a low modulus of elasticity and is not as brittle as conventional composites.
  • Flowable Viscosity - Even though Flow Tain™ is flowable materials, its thixotropic properties prevent them from slumping for better control.
  • Needle Tip Dispenser - Using the tips provided, these materials are easily injected onto lingual surfaces and across fiber splints

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Suggested Uses

  • Lingual retainer adhesive
  • Attachments on thermoplastic tooth aligning products
  • Splinting material (e.g. fibers)
  • Indirect bonding adhesive
  • Arch wire stops